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Seattle Geek Week – August 13th to August 22nd, 2010 – features 10 days of events hosted by various individuals, organizations and community groups. There will be conferences, workshops, meetups and, of course, parties!

Featured events include the Seattle Geek Week Golf Tournament on August 13th, the pii2010 (privacy identity innovation) conference on August 17th-19th and Gnomedex 10 on August 19th-21st.

While each event is independently produced, Seattle Geek Week is organized by a team of volunteers on a mission to:

  • Learn from others through conferences, workshops and meetups
  • Support innovative people, ideas and businesses
  • Meet new people and have fun with friends
  • Experiment with what’s possible…it’s the first Seattle Geek Week, so there’s no telling what will happen!

It’s about bringing together both local residents and out-of-town visitors to celebrate creativity and build community, Seattle-style.

Sponsors and Participants

Gnomedex pii2010 Geek Golf Seattle Wine Gal SMC Seattle
Chic Meets Geek Kirby Krackle GoDaddy SeaJUG API Developer Days
Agent Reboot - Seattle | Real Estate Agent Conference Innovate!100 - The World's Most Promising Tech Startups Product Management Consortium BarCamp Seattle
TechKaraoke Seattle

Why is it called “Geek Week?”

geek \ˈgēk\ – A person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. This could be due to the intensity, depth, or subject of their interest.

Seattle Geek Week will feature a number of technology-related conferences and meetups, but it’s not limited to technology groups or events. Anyone can identify as a “geek” per the definition above, and everyone is invited to plan (or participate in) an event during Seattle Geek Week. There are no committees – just communities!

We’re hoping to create mutual awareness: helping various communities to connect with one another, and escape their own echo chambers. Whether you’re a wine lover, a techie or a history buff, if you’re thinking of producing a gathering for your own community in Seattle or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, register your event here to include it in Seattle Geek Week.

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SmartBand hands-on preview conference: video and image gallery

At CES 2014 we saw many companies show their own attempts to portable devices, including big names like Intel and LG . Sony is no stranger to carry, but also jumped at CES with something a little different, a new tracking device portable fitness with the name of the Sony SmartBand.

At CES last week Darcy LaCouvee managed to get a closer look at the new gym of Sony laptop SmartBand and a Sony representative was even kind enough to inform us in only some of the features we can expect from the new laptop .

While the main objective of the SmartBand is track your fitness activities using their new LifeLog application, the experience is much deeper than simply counting calories burned or the steps we take.

The SmartBand actively communicates with our Android devices with LifeLog application, not only log data related to our physical fitness activities, but also information such as what songs we heard at specific times, our location right now, entertainment details and more. You can even mark events and specific times by simply double tap the SmartBand.

The idea is that the recording of this information can help make improvements in their training, as knowing the songs that were playing when he made his best time in a race – helping to create a playlist of songs that motivate you.

The plan is also to use the LifeLog keep track of all important events in our lives, although Sony has not exactly been all detail what they mean by this or how they will do it. In addition to being able to track events information and marker, SmartBand also has some other interesting features such as the ability to control their music through a series of taps.

It is expected to SmartBand to arrive sometime in the spring of 2014, although prices has yet to bedetermined. Sony representative was clear that the company plans to price the device “very competitive with the market.” What do you think, would you be interested in SmartBand if the price was right? On the contrary, it is more intrigued by devices like  fitness smartbands?

SEO Geek’s me, not you.

geek seo


If you do not wake up thinking about Internet and online marketing breathing precisely with the remorse of conscience that at nightfall you have learned something new, then the geek I am, not you. If you do not go to the library for books and gurus in the world “raisins” literally all ebooks from many who only make talking about the same, then the geek I am, not you. Of course Natzir Turrado phrase “You’re SEO if you know how a search engine works” talking about SEO semantic let me really KO. Not that many do not know the processes that Google continues to work its famous algorithms is that they really are few or just to say NO (if there is one), he knows in his royalty as a search engine works, beyond the famous200 factors Google  to “make things right.” concern about knowing new things from our constantly sector is the linchpin for our learning.

That’s why many spent hours looking for the great formula constantly, the button which in many cases makes it easier.That’s why the geek ‘s not you, it’s me. Writing, content genre based more on the semantic SEO is and our neighbor, andambulo doing SEO in Girona and around the city. The famous links are like rivers and bridges that managers of major companies that ignore the sector and ignorance, would you as a colleague in exchange for a coffee and some kinds of its powerful and glorious web with a gleaming Page Rank.

If Google likes relevant and quality links because I will not do it?

Geek also goes outside lords. I went to look for links, it is why Neuro-Business conferences are never wrong. Yes, portable back. But never better than on our desktop PC. And I am a normal person, sorry, we are normal people and to go with shirt, the first with my nice smile.

I talk about SEO , from Girona itself, this profession I met thanks to a great friend, and as many start with the big question that was a “meta description” or a “keyword” and now we know all the SEO dictionary. Algorithm, anchor text, back links, black HAD SEO, cloaking ?, CTR? … Link baiting, link building, link juice … microformats, not provided, page rank, query, … !, SEO SEO Girona (hehehe ), Serp snake. And all that is missing. I forgive, let me taxonomies! Important.

And it is that we are like crazy to see the results and, when we do, there is always one that we inform you, because we are proud of our success. The worst stretch is when you fail to know why not go on ahead to the Formula 1 in theory “is slower than you.” “Come, take off that McLaren middle” Raikkonen. As geeks looking at Google Analytics to see who has seen my new post.

You are not a geek if you do not remove the concern inside to know more. Best of all is that after all geeks are becoming normal people, and aliens are already more humans you see, there are important motors that move the ship, or will you continue to do so with oars and sails watching the wind is against you? Something very curious, today April 23 talking with a neighbor said, “the merger with Vodafone ONO killed him, I have no Internet.” True, they are changing the antenna and does not have life. Our undergo daily needs homelessness, bread, water, electricity and Internet. The geek is not me, is you. To me I just like the SEO. 🙂Internet has become like air.

The importance of SEO and Online Marketing for Business

online marketing companies

No exaggeration to say that if a company is not on the Internet, does not exist because the Internet has become one of the first resources go consumers. That’s why SEO becomes more important in recent years and every time plus. Look Infojobs, Linkedin or Internet. To be in the top positions with SEO and other strategies can be a great benefit to some and a great loss to others.

I show here one of the statistics of some conferences I have given. I must say that every time costs less to show thatcompanies need experts in the field of online marketing , and not an expert of all, that it is “consultant in online marketing” and then realizes that it is not able to Cover everything. Different profiles to take advantage of all the knowledge in all one.

growth of online marketing

And it is that seeing this chart we realize it really is important to have a presence on the network either image or sell more. We live in the two worlds of Offline and Online and long. Adapt! I will not speak of the comfort zone in this post, although it has much to do with the negative mindset of a person NOT fret.

I heard out there one day, the world of online marketing has not suffered the crisis. According to the source create360 through its SERP, (not linkearé because it has an internal error, although it is indexed in Google -> ERROR) opportunities to find job in online marketing has augmentado 66%. of course, mouth I heard those words were quite right make few months. Study, learn, be restless and learn how a search engine. Peléate to find out WHAT HAPPENS IS WHAT ?! Be knowing a bit of everything, stay like a freak . That entrepreneur looking for you or you end up looking. 90% of searches ever pass Internet (source IEBS).

I want to finish strengthen this post with an article I read just this afternoon that’s what NOT do an SEO , I found really interesting. Noted that the SEOS MANAGERS ARE NOT COMUNITY. But hey, it ‘s our profession and feel kings in the top1 priceless. That’s why we like.

A different and not as technical post, hope you liked it. 🙂 See it at

A movie and a possible tournament put surfing on the crest of the wave claromequense

The director of Municipal Tourism, Pablo Ledesma, 24 LU gave details about the shooting of a film, an initiative that accompanies its portfolio, whose producer seeks new waves in the Argentine Atlantic. “That’s what the producer has assembled a team of five riders, different parts of Latin America, including a Paraguayan, Uruguayan and Chilean, and Francisco Usuna, brother of world surfing champion last year and from a family well known in this discipline. They thought of Orense and Claromecó for your search, and end up filming in Puerto Madryn “.

Mar del Plata is precisely the surfer Francisco Usuna, who will participate and lead a journey from Mar del Plata to Playa Union (Chubut) in search of unspoiled natural landscapes waves and, in an adventure that will become a putlocker movies. In Claromecó they began working yesterday, where according Ledesma “in principle were not very optimistic about the sea conditions, but when they arrived at night Posta del Faro were happy because finally some nice waves appeared. If they have better shots today, maybe tomorrow and departing from Claromecó south. ”

As indicated by the Director of Tourism, the producer of the film came into contact with him “because we come from and maintaining a link with people surfing, we are even managing, as we understand that the niche surfing is well defined and is a familiar segment deploys its activity throughout the year, the possibility of organizing a junior championship. “