A movie and a possible tournament put surfing on the crest of the wave claromequense

The director of Municipal Tourism, Pablo Ledesma, 24 LU gave details about the shooting of a film, an initiative that accompanies its portfolio, whose producer seeks new waves in the Argentine Atlantic. “That’s what the producer has assembled a team of five riders, different parts of Latin America, including a Paraguayan, Uruguayan and Chilean, and Francisco Usuna, brother of world surfing champion last year and from a family well known in this discipline. They thought of Orense and Claromecó for your search, and end up filming in Puerto Madryn “.

Mar del Plata is precisely the surfer Francisco Usuna, who will participate and lead a journey from Mar del Plata to Playa Union (Chubut) in search of unspoiled natural landscapes waves and, in an adventure that will become a putlocker movies. In Claromecó they began working yesterday, where according Ledesma “in principle were not very optimistic about the sea conditions, but when they arrived at night Posta del Faro were happy because finally some nice waves appeared. If they have better shots today, maybe tomorrow and departing from Claromecó south. ”

As indicated by the Director of Tourism, the producer of the film came into contact with him “because we come from and maintaining a link with people surfing, we are even managing, as we understand that the niche surfing is well defined and is a familiar segment deploys its activity throughout the year, the possibility of organizing a junior championship. “