SmartBand hands-on preview conference: video and image gallery

At CES 2014 we saw many companies show their own attempts to portable devices, including big names like Intel and LG . Sony is no stranger to carry, but also jumped at CES with something a little different, a new tracking device portable fitness with the name of the Sony SmartBand.

At CES last week Darcy LaCouvee managed to get a closer look at the new gym of Sony laptop SmartBand and a Sony representative was even kind enough to inform us in only some of the features we can expect from the new laptop .

While the main objective of the SmartBand is track your fitness activities using their new LifeLog application, the experience is much deeper than simply counting calories burned or the steps we take.

The SmartBand actively communicates with our Android devices with LifeLog application, not only log data related to our physical fitness activities, but also information such as what songs we heard at specific times, our location right now, entertainment details and more. You can even mark events and specific times by simply double tap the SmartBand.

The idea is that the recording of this information can help make improvements in their training, as knowing the songs that were playing when he made his best time in a race – helping to create a playlist of songs that motivate you.

The plan is also to use the LifeLog keep track of all important events in our lives, although Sony has not exactly been all detail what they mean by this or how they will do it. In addition to being able to track events information and marker, SmartBand also has some other interesting features such as the ability to control their music through a series of taps.

It is expected to SmartBand to arrive sometime in the spring of 2014, although prices has yet to bedetermined. Sony representative was clear that the company plans to price the device “very competitive with the market.” What do you think, would you be interested in SmartBand if the price was right? On the contrary, it is more intrigued by devices like  fitness smartbands?